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Reproductive System In Farm Animals

Discussion in 'Agriculture' started by lectportal, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Reproduction is the act of given birth to organism of the same kind or species. Reproduction involves male and female organisms of the the same species.

    Reproductive system.png
    MATING : this is the physical meeting of male and female farm animals for the purpose to give birth

    • Natural mating
    • Artificial mating

    Under natural mating we have the following

    1. PEN MATING :This usually occurs in birds and pigs, the ratio of male to female is 1:18 or 1:20 ( one male to 20 female) respectively.

    2. FLOCK MATING : This occurs in sheep and goats the ratio of male and female is 1:40 or 1:50 respectively.

    3. STUD MATING : The female and the make animals are separated, if any sign of heat is observed in any of the female farm animal, such animal is taken to a a room known as STUD, in which male farm animal that pisses the characteristic of secondary sexual is also taken the stud room for mating

    this involve the process known as INSEMINATION that is the semen from male farm animal is taken and stored in a cool environment. This process is carried out by a specialist

    * GESTATION PERIOD :This is the period of pregnancy right from Zygote.

    * OVULATION : This is the release of egg from ovary to the fallopian tube

    * FERTILIZATION : This is the fusion of male and female gamete to produce zygote.

    * PARTURITION : this is the act of giving birth in animal ( it marks the end of pregnancy) Note : parturition is also known as Labour in human

    * LACTATION : This is the secretion of milk from the mammary gland through the UDDER
    The primary reproductive organ for female farm animal is ovary

    OVARY : ovary secrete the ovu or eggs during the ovulation. The hormone that stipulate the release of egg is known as progesterone or oestrogen

    INFUNDIBULUM( or fallopian funnel) : Its the site were fertilization takes place

    UTERUS ( or womb) : The period of pregnancy takes place here ( implantation) the wall of the uterus is stimulated by progesterone

    CERVIX : This prevent foreign body from entry the womb.

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