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Matter And Energy

Discussion in 'Physics' started by lectportal, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. lectportal

    lectportal Administrator Staff Member Administrator User

    When we look around us and examine the objects found in our homes, in the streets, in stores and factories and in Nature everywhere, we realize that the things with which we are surrounded are made of a great variety of materials. Chemists have found that all complex substances that is wood, steel, glass, plastics and even the waters of the ocean and the air we breathe are mixtures of chemical compound. Nearly a million compound have been identified and these in turn are merely different combinations of only about a hundred chemical elements known to science.

    Some of the substances we meet are solids, such as iron or stone. Others are liquids, such as oil or water. Still others are gases, such as air or steam. These three conditions - solid, liquid and gas are called the three physical states of matter. A solid object can be thought of as one that tries to keep a definite shape and a definite bulk, or volume. A liquid also has a definite volume, because it is almost impossible to pack it into a smaller space. But a liquid will take on the shape of any container into which it is poured. A gas on the other hand, has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume: if some air is let into a chamber that was previously pumped out this quantity of air will fill the while space uniformly. Unlike water in a jar, a gas does not have a distinct surface.

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