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Jamb 2019 Rules And Guidelines

Discussion in 'Jamb & Waec Updates' started by lectportal, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. lectportal

    lectportal Administrator Staff Member Administrator User

    Jamb Recently create rules and Guidelines for candidates so they will know what to do and what not to do during the 2019 Jamb exam .

    So without wasting much time here is the Jamb 2019 Rules and Guidelines

    then you better be early. last year,they started
    examinations between 7am -7.30am.
    I know over 6 people who went there by 9am and
    wasn't allowed into the hall because their friends
    in other centers told them they started by 9.30 in 2018 Jamb exam

    2. Carry enough money to buy refreshment. You
    don't want to be stranded and you will definitely be exhausted after the exams. Forget your phone at home. you wont be allowed to take it into the hall.

    3. Make photocopy of your jamb slip as you will submit the original.

    4. Please do not skip accreditation. if you skip, YOU WONT BE ABLE TO LOGIN and start the

    4. YOU will be given calculators and papers to solve as rough sheet, math set,pencils etc. if you are caught with external materials the jamb
    ADMINISTRATOR will end your exams
    immediately. Where I worked, there are usually
    NSCDC officials on ground to deal with culprits. if
    you have any problems simply raise up your hands.

    5. if you don't know how to use a computer
    system please no shame. just ask the
    administrator(they will be putting on a jamb branded t shirt) to tell you how to click answers,
    select subjects, question number and how to submit.

    6. Except you are told, don't login. Immediately you log in and start exam ahead of others before you are permitted, your time countdown will start and you will be made to wait for others.

    7. if you are having login errors alert the PROCTOR, INVIGILATOR, or jamb
    ADMINISTRATOR. They will help you.

    8. if the papers appearing on the screen are different from what you have on your printout, please inform the ADMINISTRATOR immediately.

    9. The PAPERS you are offering are usually in a tab. The question numbers are usually at the bottom of the screen. When you click an answer,
    it displays a "save" message. you can change your answers by clicking another answer. If your
    system does not display "save" message after you click your answer, inform the proctor Do not
    click "END TEST" or "SUBMIT" unless you are done with the exams.

    That is all for the latest 2019 Jamb guidelines and rules.
    I believe with this you know the DOs and Don't of the 2019 Jamb.

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