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How To Earn Lectportal Credit

Discussion in 'Lectportal Website Guide' started by lectportal, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. lectportal

    lectportal Administrator Staff Member Administrator User

    LectCredit is an important feature in this forum, you can use it to buy things like Stories, Novels, Past Questions right here in this how can you earn this credit?

    1. REGISTER($4)
    2. Read a post ($0.10)
    3. Some one follows your profile ($0.5)
    4. Someone Likes your post or comment ($0.30)
    5. Upload past questions and when users download it, you earn #300 straight to your bank account
    But if you badly want to purchase something, and you don't have enough credits, you can fund you account with real cash...Contact lectportal for instructions on that.

    If you wanna buy something from a fellow user here, you can pay with real cash if you trust the person or you can insist on paying with with lectportal credit. Paying with lectportal credits makes the transaction safer as we can freeze the account and return your money if he scams you!!

    You can also buy lectcredit from a fellow user that intends to sell his. He will transfer it to you and you pay him... It's easy.
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