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    These questions has no objectives. Getting them all correctly shows you're prepared. Alright:

    1) what's the meaning of Cogñító ègo sum?.

    2) why were philosophers of old called Presocratic philosophers?.

    3) who accused philosphers of interpreting the world and not changing it?

    4) who's an existential philosopher?.
    5) if i say Mr. Marcus looks good on glass but not on Mr. Joshua. What kind problem have I created?

    6) rhoda can't recall and interpret the last word she read just few mins ago in a rightful language. Reading Deficiency is __________

    7) philosophy was divided into different eras and one of eras explains the word 'medieval period'(what do you have to say abt that).

    8) Harriet: Joses is bleeding uncontrollably, what now Fred?. Fred: we have no other alternative, then to kill him.
    Harriet: what! are u crazy?.
    Fred: oh come on we have no option.
    Fred suggestion is calld?

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