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Discussion in 'Lectportal Website Guide' started by lectportal, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. lectportal

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    We trust you are fine. This is to inform our esteem users that we we have upgraded a lot of things in lectportal (University update) making it easier for you to download past questions and also upload & get paid.

    Everything here now depend on your lect-credit, up to downloading of past questions

    We have made it even better and cheaper, below is our price list for lectportal credit.

    What Are Lect-Credits Use For

    Lect-Credits can be used for so many things in this forum and they are;

    Downloading of past questions

    Can be used to pay for all exams runz/expo.

    Lectures Portal Credit Price List

    NGN 500 = 500 credit

    NGN 550 = 550 credit

    NGN 600 = 600 credit

    NGN 650 = 650 credit

    NGN 700 = 700 credit

    NGN 750 = 750 credit

    NGN 800 = 800 credit

    NGN 850 = 850 credit

    NGN 900 = 910 credit

    NGN 950 = 970 credit

    NGN 1000 = 1100 credit

    It goes like that so the higher you buy the more bulkier you receive the credit.

    How Do I Purchase Lect-Credit?

    Purchasing lect-credit is as simple as mathematics, the first thing you have to note is that you must be a registered member meaning you must sign up to this forum as a member, here is the sign up link https://lectportal.net/login/login
    After you must have done that the next thing is to purchase lect-credit using this link https://paystack.com/pay/wv6piezg2f or our payment link
    pay here

    After payment seat back and reload the website then view your wallet and see. Congrats as you've unlocked everything in the forum!.

    How To Receive Free lect-Credit

    You can receive free Lect-credit through the following ways.

    Playing and winning our online games.

    Receiving salary every month end yes! Every lectportal (university update) receive free lect-credit every month end.

    Posting your school update.

    How To Get Real Cash Using Lectures Portal

    This is one aspect that is awesome about lectures portal (university update). Every user receives real cash When a user upload past questions, the user will receive a message notifying him/her to drop his account details to get paid and within a couple of minutes the user should receive an alert of payment.

    Please note that 3 past questions is worth NGN 200 you either receive it in your bank account or as airtime it all depends on you. So what are you waiting for? The more you upload the more you get paid!.
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