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Expelled By Jared Angira

Discussion in 'Literature' started by lectportal, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. lectportal

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    Expelled is a poem of lamentation. It explained the pathetic condition of someone who does not seem to be favored in anyway. The poet persona is rejected by everybody, his misfortune is as a result of colonialist who come to his community changes everything to the detriment of the inhabitants.

    What You Need To Know About The Poem Expelled By Jared Angira
    • In the first stanza of the poem, the poet pesona explains the situation before the colonialist came to his community, all economic activities flourished until one day when the colonialist came by boat to his community looking elegant and friendly, promising heaven on earth. As soon as they have taken over the community as one of their colonies, economic activities begins to dwindle because of the manner of their trade which is not beneficial to the natives.
    • In the second stanza the poet persona explains the effect of colonialist intrusion into his community. All economic policies that are formulated by the colonialist are alien and detrimental to the natives.
    • In the third stanza, the poet pathetic condition has intensified. His economic has so increased that he can not afford a locket to keep record of those whom he borrowed money from.
    • In the fourth stanza, the poet persona paints a graphic and vivid picture of his psychological and physical states. He weeps profusely because of his financial straits. He used hyperbole to describe how he weeps.
    expelled by Jared.jpg

    Poetic Devices Used In The Poem Expelled
    Alliteration,Onomatopoeia, Symbolism, Hyperbole, Repetition and Allusion.

    1) HYPERBOLE :
    (i) My tears flowed to flooded streams
    (ii) From my veins, my heart, my whole
    (iii) And sources the rivulet from my human lake.
    2) ALLUSION :
    (i) When Sodom burnt and Gomorrah fell.

    3) SYMBOLISM :
    (i) "Rusty" represents poverty and lack
    (ii) "Dark Circus" represent the society.

    (i) Burst the cowshed.....
    (ii) The auctioneer will gong his harmer
    (iii) The debtors records blared .

    The poem expelled has 6 (six) stanzas

    Intrusion of colonist in African terrain : The colonist came to Africa to change Africans' ways of thinking, economic activities, these had adverse effect on Africans till date.
    poverty etc

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