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Characteristics Of Parasitic Nutrition

Discussion in 'Biology' started by lectportal, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. lectportal

    lectportal Administrator Staff Member Administrator User

    Feeding method of the parasites.
    A parasite is a living organisms which lives on or in the body of another living organisms called host.
    Feeds on part of the food of the host. The host suffers some loss of food to the parasite.

    A parasite that lives on the body of the host is called an ecto-parasite example human louse on the head and body of human being.
    Ticks on the body of cows.
    Loranths on the branches of rubber, Coco's, orange and kolanut trees.

    A parasite that lives inside the body of it host is called an endo-parasite example tape worm in the stomach, Plasmodium and Trypanosoma in the Red blood cell of man.

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