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2019 Jamb Subject Combination Arts

Discussion in 'Jamb & Waec Updates' started by lectportal, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. lectportal

    lectportal Administrator Staff Member Administrator User

    Arabic and Islamic Studies:
    Use of English, Arabic and Two subjects from Arts and/or Social Sciences.

    Christian Religious Studies:
    Use of English, Two Arts subjects including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject.

    Fine and Applied Arts:
    Use of English Language, Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.

    Theatre Arts:
    Use of English, Lit. in English and two other relevant subjects.

    English, Two relevant Arts subjects and any other subject.

    English and International Studies:
    Use of English, Literature in English, Government or History or any other Arts subjects.

    English, French and any other two subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

    English Language:
    Use of English, Lit.-in-English, one other Arts subject and another Arts or Social Science subject.

    English, Hausa, Lit in English and any of Economics, Government, History and Arabic.

    History and International Studies:
    Use of English, History /Government and any other two subjects from Arts & Social Science.

    Islamic Studies:
    English, Islamic Religious Studies plus two other Arts subjects.

    English, Igbo and two subjects from Arts and social Sciences.

    Mass Communication:
    Use of English, Any three Arts and Social Science subjects.

    Use of English, Music, one other Arts subject plus any other subject.

    Use of English, Any three subjects.

    Religious Studies:
    English, CRK/IRS and any two other subjects.

    Use of English, Yoruba and two other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences.

    Use of English, Any three of History, CRK/IRK, Geography, Economics, Literature in English and French.

    Criminology and Security Studies:
    English, Economics, Government, and any one of the following: History, Geography, Literature in English,‎ French, IRK, Hausa.

    English, Literature, Economics and any other Art Subject.

    Civil Law:
    English Language and Any three Arts or Social Science subjects.

    Islamic / Sharia Law:
    Use of English Language and Any three Art or social science subjects including Arabic or Islamic.

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